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Zion Jay Toputapu

Advisor Multicultural Student Services
Full Time Employees
Zion Toputapu

● Advise students with last names D, M

● Bachelor’s Degree: Brigham Young University
● Master’s Degree: Kansas State University

Personal Bio:

Zion Jay Toputapu is an eternally grateful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a soft-spoken disciple of Jesus Christ. He is originally from the majestic island of Maui. Zion’s father is from Navutoka, Tonga with a strong Tongan and Fijian heritage. His mother hails from Santa Monica, California and is of Scottish and Scandinavian ancestry.
In 2007 as an at-risk youth, Zion attended SOAR. It was during SOAR that he first saw college as a realistic goal. Upon serving a mission in Nicaragua, Zion attended BYU. Zion, also known as Jay, worked as a SOAR counselor, assistant, and outreach student-employee, where he was awarded the BYU Student-Employee of the Year Award. Upon graduating from BYU in Secondary Education and Coaching, he created the ZION non-profit organization. This program assisted hundreds of youth with collegiate exposure, missionary preparation, and two 14U Football National Championships. Jay has had a lifelong passion and ambition to teach and inspire youth through an empathetic approach. In his free time, he loves to travel, assist refugees, serve in the temple, and spend time with his family.
Zion works within the BYU Multicultural family with an excitement to serve and love unconditionally! As he was given the opportunity to thrive at BYU and beyond, he returns with the drive to assist others as they surpass their divine potential.