Graduation Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the signed graduation plan?
This is a requirement for all MSS scholarship recipients. It is a tool designed to help you plan your education semester-by-semester with a specific outline of the classes you will take from your current semester until graduation. This plan should include all General Education (University Core) classes, all major classes, all minor classes, and other requirements such as Study Abroad, Internships, or Student Teaching. It should be signed by your college academic advisor for your major to be considered complete. Since it is a tool to help you progress towards graduation, you should be able to explain your entire graduation plan to your MSS advisor.

2. What is the purpose of the graduation plan?
The purpose of this plan is to help you see what you need to do and what classes you need to take in order to graduate in a timely manner. As an MSS Scholarship recipient, you are receiving valuable funds. We want you to succeed in college, graduate, and then allow other students to receive those funds. The graduation plan is a requirement to help you stay on track as you progress through your time at the University.

3. Is there a standard graduation plan form and where do I get them?
The MSS Office has a standard form you can use. You can pick it up at the front desk of 1320 WSC, or you can download it as a printable PDF on the MSS website. You can also follow this link: Graduation Plan.

4. Who fills the graduation form out, me or my advisor?
You should be the primary person filling out your graduation plan. The BYU website has many resources to help you plan your classes, such as AIM , MyMAP , Progress Reports, MAPs ,etc. If you need further assistance in selecting classes for your major or fitting in your General Education classes, you can also see your College Advisement Center. You can find office locations and contact information for these centers here on the Academic Advisement Centers page. These advisors can answer questions about course load feasibility, major requirements, and suggested sequencing. Finally, you can also consult with your MSS Advisor.

5. Where can I get help for my graduation plan if I don’t have a major yet?
If you do not have a major, you can receive advisement through the University Advisement Center, located in 2500 WSC. This is the open major advisement center. They can help you plan your next semester or two; however, they are not able to fill out full graduation plans. If you are an open major, the MSS office will accept the year plan. Be prepared to talk to your advisor about the work you are doing to decide on a major. It is your responsibility to be actively researching options in this process.

6. What if I want to get into a limited enrollment major but am not yet accepted?
Submit a graduation plan with that major, but have a back-up plan ready to discuss with your advisor in case you are not accepted into the program.

7. What if my College Advisor didn’t even look at my graduation plan and just signed it?
If you have concerns about your plan, go prepared with specific questions. If you still do not receive the answers you need, visit with your MSS advisor.

8. What if my College Advisor can’t meet with me until after the MSS graduation plan date deadline?
Email or meet with your MSS advisor as soon as possible to alert him/her to the situation. It will be important that you are able to explain to your MSS advisor when you began to contact your college advisor. Procrastination is not a reasonable excuse for an unmet deadline. You may be asked to bring in your completed graduation plan before the deadline anyway and to meet with your college advisor afterward.

9. When are the deadlines for my signed graduation plan?
For juniors and seniors, the deadline is before November 1. For freshmen and sophomores, the deadline is before March 1.

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